Paper Hearts & Word Wednesday

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So. This Valentine's Day business is on Thursday. As in tomorrow. Are you ready? Me neither! Luckily, we've decided to have a nice, low-key Valentine's Day(those are my favorite!), so I have a bit of a pass. Even still, it doesn't mean I won't be busting out my trusty card-making skills or attempting these darling paper origami hearts! They will be mine! At some point this year.

Whether you're eagerly anticipating or seriously dreading this heart holiday and its accompanying sugar sweet pink and cherry red, this flurry will be over soon. At least that's what I secretly wanted to tell the parents and kids at Target yesterday -- stressing out over conversation hearts for classroom parties. 

Whatever your take may be on February 14th, I hope you survive and feel loved. And not just because of your romantic status, but in spite of it. It's not the material things that matter, but who we are, how we feel, who we love, and who we share life's moments with. We should love ourselves. And be our own Valentine, too. Because, admit it -- you're just that great.

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  1. Encouraging and kind words... and very nice to hear today! Yep, stressed and not ready :) This was a nice a reminder of what matters. TY

  2. Thanks for your sweet words! Glad I'm not the only one. Procrastinators unite! Hope your Valentine's Day was all you wished it to be!



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