It Feels Like

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Image via Secret Weapon Creative's Instagram

Three Cheers

Friday, April 8, 2016

Well!  Despite my assumption, our kitties were little champs and greeted us eagerly as we returned from our road trip.  In past experiences, a little cold shoulder is par for the course, but it's nice to be sweetly surprised from time to time.  The weather was beautiful over the weekend and they thoroughly enjoyed the warm sun, light breeze, and napping face first in our freshly bloomed flowers.

We had the best time on our trip!  And, we have loads of pictures to share.  But first, it's Friday.  It's been a strangely productive week at work -- a shocking rarity after returning from vacation.  I sincerely thank the phone and email gods for being slightly kind and showing me grace.  Knocking down projects left and right -- boom, boom, boom, check, check, check!  For that, I'm grateful.  But know it won't last!  Also, excited for a fun night ahead with our favorites.  In our favorite city.  At our favorite place.  There will be laughing.  Serious food and merriment.  And, Joe Rogan.

P.S.  The Masters!

Image is MINE from a favorite NYE/birthday celebration; in our favorite city; at our favorite place.