The Best Dress

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amy Adams 

Oh, Amy Adams. Your dress did me in and claimed my heart. Well done, you. And all your people who helped you look like perfection floating down that infamous, scarlet carpet. This is glamour.

Who do you think was best dressed at the Oscars? You can still have a favorite even if you didn't watch them. Because I didn't -- I was busy doing other things, read through the winner list, and finally hemmed and hawed over the gowns online. Sometimes, that's the way to do it.

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A Nice Day for a White Wedding

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today is the day! One of my favorite college friends is eloping today! I think eloping is terribly romantic and so intimately special. I'm so happy for her and hope their special day is all they wish it to be. And more!

While it worked logistically for us to have a Saturday evening wedding, I'm convinced a weekday wedding has it's own special kind of magic. It's fresh, fun, and unexpected.

Would you get married on a weekday? In the wise words of Billy Idol, I think any day of the week is "a nice day for a white wedding."

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It's Friday and Tonight, We Dance

Friday, February 22, 2013

I don't know about you, but I have the dancing bug. Like all the time. My favorite place to have a dance party is in my kitchen, preferably with the husband and kitties. But, hey, if they're not around, who wants to waste a perfectly perfect dance space while making dinner? Not me.

Growing up, dancing movies were my favorite and continue to this day. Musicals too, but we'll save that for another day. While they usually have a bit of cheese factor, I'll take that any day for good dancing. Instead of bad dancing and likely bad acting, too. This is serious stuff. Priorities! Some of my favorite dancing movies throughout the years include: Dirty Dancing, Center Stage, Step Up, Save the Last Dance, Footloose, and Singin' in the Rain. Whether you're happy and you know it, or you need a little pick me up, these movies will never do you wrong. Or break your heart.

How do you feel about dancing movies? What are some of your favorites? Have a lovely weekend! I'm off to carry a watermelon. Or something.

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Take-Out Thursday

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It wasn't intentional, but somehow, Take-Out Thursday has become somewhat of a mainstay in our home and hearts. It all started in our college years. It wasn't every week, but sure enough, it was always a Thursday. And it sort of stuck. I think it was largely in part to Thursdays being this close to the weekend and we were that over making dinner. Whatever it was, we still indulge in our Thursday tradition from time to time. Sometimes, there's nothing better. And, when they label our orders as "His" and "Hers," it makes my night. Thanks, Chipotle.

Do you have a particular night that you order take-out? If you're looking for recommendations, I'd say Thursday...

Kitty Crush

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

While I have previously shared about my love for all things shiny, sparkly, and sequins, I have yet to divulge my other vice: the small. As my husband can attest, I have a serious thing for trinkets. For the most part, if it's tiny and cute, I'm totally sold. I'm an easy marketing target, I know. And if hearts and/or kitties are involved, we've got a real problem.

Case in point: These lovely nested dish set/ring holders by Darrielle's Clay Art on Etsy. A few months ago, I happened upon them and was instantly smitten with the sweet, soft colors, hearts, and kitty tribute. I gifted them to my dear, dear friend for Christmas since I knew she'd love them just as much and give them a happy home. We finally exchanged gifts last week, the night before Valentine's Day. Don't judge! There was something strangely fun about our belated exchange (you should try it sometime!) -- and it still suited the heart day theme. I can't say enough about how sweet and well-made these little dishes are. While I'm proud of my current restraint, it won't last forever. One day, I will call these babies my very own. I'm coming for you, kitty dishes.

I encourage you to check out Darrielle's Etsy shop. You won't be disappointed. But be warned, it's very likely that you will fall in love immediately and maybe even wish you never knew about it all. Because her stuff is just that good. What are some of your favorites? Happy Wednesday, lovelies! We can do it!  

It Has Always Been You

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today's the day! The day of hearts. Whether you have a night out or in with your girlfriends, special someone, or kitty, I hope it is kind to you. For many years, Valentine's Day was never a favorite of mine. Until one day, I met a certain someone who made me a complete softie.

Nine years ago today, my then-boyfriend/now-husband asked me the sweetest and easiest question: to marry him. Yes! Three-and-a-half years later, we tied the knot. While we had a rather long engagement, I wouldn't have had it any other way. We were young! In that time, we finished our degrees, grew in life and love, and built a life in our shared little apartment. While we've had countless memories throughout the years, some of my favorites are the quiet, day-to-day moments. The silent routine. A sense of knowing. I will always treasure our "Law & Order" marathons, impromptu kitchen dance parties, and making banana pancakes at 2am. Our concerts, movies, travels and adventures. New Zealand. Italy. Kauai. Seattle. Ashland. San Francisco. San Diego. Monterey. Santa Cruz. Cambria. Mendocino. And everywhere in between. No matter where we have traveled or lived, his heart is always home. 

Thank you for letting me gush about my valentine and favorite partner in crime. Hope you do a little gushing today if you feel so led. Or not. Whatever you decide, I hope your weekend is happy and kind. Be sure to treat yourself to something special! You deserve it. And are loved.

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Paper Hearts & Word Wednesday

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So. This Valentine's Day business is on Thursday. As in tomorrow. Are you ready? Me neither! Luckily, we've decided to have a nice, low-key Valentine's Day(those are my favorite!), so I have a bit of a pass. Even still, it doesn't mean I won't be busting out my trusty card-making skills or attempting these darling paper origami hearts! They will be mine! At some point this year.

Whether you're eagerly anticipating or seriously dreading this heart holiday and its accompanying sugar sweet pink and cherry red, this flurry will be over soon. At least that's what I secretly wanted to tell the parents and kids at Target yesterday -- stressing out over conversation hearts for classroom parties. 

Whatever your take may be on February 14th, I hope you survive and feel loved. And not just because of your romantic status, but in spite of it. It's not the material things that matter, but who we are, how we feel, who we love, and who we share life's moments with. We should love ourselves. And be our own Valentine, too. Because, admit it -- you're just that great.

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Tiny Beautiful Things

Monday, February 11, 2013

You guys. It's Monday. Hope the weekend provided a much needed break! As declared last week, completing just one of my weekend goals would be a victory. Well, consider me victorious!

I finally finished Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things. Such a sharp, witty, sometimes painful, and very real read. Cheryl is so empathetic, fearless, open and honest about who she is, her life, and journey -- and gives "pitch-perfect" personal advice like no one's business. Plus, I also fell in love with her titles: "The Future Has an Ancient Heart," "Hell Is Other People's Boyfriends," "The Empty Bowl," "You Don't Have to be Broken for Me," and "The Ghost Ship That Didn't Carry Us." I look forward to indulging in her other acclaimed works, Torch and Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. And soon! Sometimes, there's nothing better than a cozy reading session with the husband and kitties. If knowledge is power, then words are sexy!

What are you reading lately? Any recommendations?

It Feels Like

Friday, February 8, 2013

I Bet Every Friday All Teachers Are Like This

Do you ever feel like this? After a particularly challenging day, week, or month? Please say yes. It will make me feel better. The universe has been testing me this week. In the worst ways. I don't know if I'm passing the test, but I sure am trying. Do I get an "A" for effort?

Happy weekend, lovelies! Any special plans? I hope to work on The Paper Pony's Origami Paper Hearts, make Brunch at Saks' Gluten-Free Brown Rice Tortillas, and finally finish Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things. I've decided that completing just one of these will be a victory. It's the small things, isn't it? Cheers!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I don't know about you, but we're still recovering from the Super Bowl in the worst possible way -- the defeat of our beloved team. While I have plenty to say about it and the bad referee calls (hello?!), it's not nice, so I've opted to keep quiet. Here's to hoping for next year! To soften the blow, I've decided to bask in the sunny glow of our recent adventures.

It's been an adventurous couple of weeks -- the weather hasn't quite made up it's mind yet -- ranging from chilly 30's to balmy 80's. A few weekends ago, we took advantage of the unexpected warmth with a beach picnic and reading session. The whole afternoon was picture perfect and we had our special beach spot all to ourselves. I've decided to keep that day in my pocket and heart forever. There's no compare.

My DryBar Groupon was on the verge of expiration and I decided that a week started at the DryBar had to be a good one. And it was indeed. Having curly hair, a blowout is eternally desirable, but loose, beachy waves are the ultimate. For me anyway. Thanks to the DryBar for always making my hair dreams come true. For a day at least. I apologize for the bathroom shot -- I had to document its glory. And it seems that a bathroom self-portrait is kind of obligatory these days anyway. Had to join the club. My favorite style is the Cosmo-Tai. What style has claimed your heart?
Oh, and here's Murdoch. Being his little sunbathing self while we caught up on some very important reading. Well, I did anyway. This boy slept through it all. So much for counting on him to take notes!
It's Wednesday, and you know what that means. The weekend is in sight. Any special plans? Valentine's is officially on the horizon. Like always, I'm behind, but rely on my super speedy procrastinator skills to kick in at any moment. Happy Wednesday!

Sweet Nothings

Friday, February 1, 2013

You guys. We made it. It was a bit touch and go, but we're alive and survived our first month of 2013! I'm a bit sad to see January go (it's been a blur!), but each day gets lighter and longer, so that's fine by me. I think I'll get over it. 

Hope these sweet cupcakes and sprinkles brighten your day! Sometimes, I think just looking at them is enough. They're such cheery little things -- with their fancy frosting and all. Feast your eyes, friends.

A happy and sweet weekend to you! The Super Bowl/Harbaugh Bowl is full speed ahead -- who are you rooting for? Or are you just glad the season is over? I like both teams, but realize only one can win. And so, it's you, San Francisco 49ers. It's always been you. Show 'em what you've got. Make my husband's childhood dreams come true.

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