Twentysomething. Word nerd. Picture taker. List maker. Reader. Admitted sports fan. Kitchen dancer. Movie lover. Romantic. Procrastinator. Night owl. Magazine hoarder. Indecisive. Health nut. Wifey. Kitty mom. Human.

- Born on the 6th.
- Affinity for olives. Any kind, any time.
- Favorite color is gray, but mint is quickly closing in.
- On the eternal hunt for the comfiest charcoal gray T-shirt. V-neck with a pocket. It speaks to me. Help a girl out.


  1. I noticed your affinity for grey t-shirts and had to share a link to MY favorite one: http://brandymelvilleusa.com/clothing/tops/willa-top-6.html! It has a pocket, you can tell better in this photo: http://brandymelvilleusa.com/clothing/tops/willa-top-1.html, but obviously not as V of a neck as you'd probably like. Good luck with the search! <3


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