The Beach, Cookies, and Other Stuff

Sunday, July 31, 2016

It's been a fun summer! We've squeezed in a lot of adventures and I'm afraid I've nearly maxed out my phone storage (again!) due to all my captures. We had another beautiful beach weekend on our hands and it was much needed. 

As expected, work is super stressful right now and I had my fair share of bad days last week. People, teachers...I tell you.  Husband sweetly surprised me with lunch and a cookie on a day that was particularly challenging. It was the highlight of my day, hands down. Love is lunch and a cookie. It really is. And finishing our beloved Peaky Blinders! We can't wait for the fourth season!

Feeling restored for one hot minute, the week ahead will be fast and furious. It's a busy, short week and we'll find ourselves out-of-state by Friday. It begins!

Image via Eye Candy