Royal Baby

Monday, July 22, 2013

Baby name betting

After all these months of waiting and guessing, the long-awaited royal baby is here! I've never really been into the royals and all that, but I do have a secret soft spot for Kate Middleton and her William. It's just a little nuts over there -- I hope they find a piece of peace and quiet as a new family despite the media mayhem.

I was convinced it was going to be a girl -- Alexandra. But I had an embarrassingly random dream last night that she had a boy named Arthur, and I didn't approve for obvious reasons -- King Arthur. Anything can happen, but I have a feeling that Spencer will find a place somewhere in the mile-long mix. Yay, baby.

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Case of the T's

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Monday, July 15, 2013

It's nearly August, so I better get our Fourth of July adventures up! The procrastinator in me is showing. I don't know about you, but that holiday weekend was all that we needed and more.  Our low-key celebration included the sand, sea, friends and a baby, a picnic, and my favorite glow bracelets! I still don't know if I could be more excited about those things. We took a serious detour from the traditional holiday food fanfare -- we wanted Thai! It was such a hit that I think this new-found tradition just might stick around.

But the fun didn't stop there! The extended weekend also included a sunny park hike, a beach swim, watermelon, coconut ice cream, farmer's market, date night, adventures in the kitchen, and finally departing with my sentimental, but annoying, magazine collection that I've been hanging on to for far too long. It's hard to let those glossy things go. Also, Game of Thrones and a smidgen of New Girl. As shared here, I loved New Girl's auto-tune snippet, but never thought I'd cave. Of course, I blame Netflix's instant viewing for making it hard to say no. Verdict? It's a little syrupy, but when it's good, it's good. And, that Schmidt is just too much. But too much in a likeable way -- if that's possible.

Let's do this!

It Feels Like

Saturday, July 13, 2013

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