Kitty Crush

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

While I have previously shared about my love for all things shiny, sparkly, and sequins, I have yet to divulge my other vice: the small. As my husband can attest, I have a serious thing for trinkets. For the most part, if it's tiny and cute, I'm totally sold. I'm an easy marketing target, I know. And if hearts and/or kitties are involved, we've got a real problem.

Case in point: These lovely nested dish set/ring holders by Darrielle's Clay Art on Etsy. A few months ago, I happened upon them and was instantly smitten with the sweet, soft colors, hearts, and kitty tribute. I gifted them to my dear, dear friend for Christmas since I knew she'd love them just as much and give them a happy home. We finally exchanged gifts last week, the night before Valentine's Day. Don't judge! There was something strangely fun about our belated exchange (you should try it sometime!) -- and it still suited the heart day theme. I can't say enough about how sweet and well-made these little dishes are. While I'm proud of my current restraint, it won't last forever. One day, I will call these babies my very own. I'm coming for you, kitty dishes.

I encourage you to check out Darrielle's Etsy shop. You won't be disappointed. But be warned, it's very likely that you will fall in love immediately and maybe even wish you never knew about it all. Because her stuff is just that good. What are some of your favorites? Happy Wednesday, lovelies! We can do it!  


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