And It Begins

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Evergreen - Letterpress Printed Holiday Card

With Thanksgiving down and Christmas and New Year's to go, the countdown (and mad dash!) has officially begun. Every year, I have high hopes of finishing my holiday shopping before December. And every year, I am disappointed. It has only happened once -- my freshman year of college, I completed all my shopping by Thanksgiving. I was so proud. Those were the days. What happened? My to-do and gift list has expanded quite a bit since then, so I blame that. That and, well, time! Each holiday season, I vow to be better, more diligent, more organized, more together -- but it's always the same. Chaotic, rushed madness, thanking the USPS/UPS gods for looking after me yet again, and baking/wrapping all-nighters. It scares me to think just where I would be without online shopping. Apparently, I like to walk the line. I would deny it until the end, but with this same scenario unfolding year after year, I must subconsciously get a thrill out of being on thin ice. How is your gifting going? Are you finished? I don't want to know. Please tell me you're just like me. Let's be in denial together.


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