The Trouble With My Mouth

Thursday, May 2, 2013


There is trouble with my mouth. I sometimes have a special knack for saying the worst thing at the worst time. Or saying things I don't mean. Or saying things I felt only during a particularly heated or stressed moment. So convenient. Sadly, I think it's my specialty. My husband gently tries to tell me that sometimes, I can escalate situations. What? Never! And turn them from bad to worse to the worst in seconds flat. Oops. It's a terrible talent and I'm really trying to keep it hidden -- within the deepest, deepest dark of my sub, sub, subconscious to never arise again. Here's to hoping and doing.

The problem is, while feelings may be fleeting, words stick. They stay. No matter how we wish them away or play "let's start over," they still hang in the air. Mothers and grandmothers have been telling us for years to keep our mouths s-h-u-t if we have nothing nice to say. But they also say to speak the truth, and what to do if the truth isn't nice? I guess the "be still and silent" rule applies here. Well, I failed miserably, you guys. And it seems that I sometimes let my little self get in the way of some things. If there is a foot to insert into a mouth, I will find it. And yell not-so-nice things to a certain snotty someone in a parking lot. In front of people I admire and love. Maybe or maybe not. Oof.

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  1. Oh it happend! I was there! At least she deserved it...

  2. Oof!



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