The Boths and Neithers

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

These words are everything. A big, fat, unwanted curveball was thrown my way this week. And I'm seriously hitting that cumbersome thing out of the park and my life, stat. As previously confessed, I'm painfully aware that I'm continually learning, and sometimes failing, with the process of letting go. That heart sure remembers lots of things. Unfortunately, this process is just that -- a process that cannot be hurried, rushed, forced, or faked. It will find us out eventually. But we can only keep trying, keep going, upward, onward, and over. E.E. is really good with this stuff and I love every bit. "The truthful liars, the false fair friends, the boths and neithers, the tall bigger really." That is some big stuff, the true stuff, the hard stuff. And that, is precisely why we need to them go. Boom.
image via Nezart Design


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