Go Easy On Me

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You guys. I don't know about you, but these past few weeks(okay, months!) have left me simply fried. I'm exhausted in every capacity and convinced that sweet sleep and the warm, bright sun are my only hopes for a much-needed recharge. I know what my weekend will entail!

It's interesting, and sometimes frustrating, how things come and go in waves. Well, I'm ready for this big, bad wave to stop. And let me catch my breath. To maybe catch the wave instead of being pounded by them. To be relieved from treading water for what feels like eternity. I just want to have some fun, you guys. Is that too much to ask? Sometimes, life with its layers, happenings, people, feelings, and emotional quicksand, is just plain too much. And I'm calling for a serious timeout. I refuse to have yet another sandy, sunny, summer season overwhelmed by others' stress and uncertainty. So we're taking it back. This is for me, for he, for us. And our kitties, too. It's only Tuesday, but I think Saturday should've arrived yesterday. Who's with me?

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