Thursday, June 13, 2013

The body is an amazing thing. After my rough and tumble last week, I've been on the serious mend. And mend it has. I'm not perfect or completely 100%, but I'm getting better everyday. And coming to terms that I just might have a small, super sexy scar within my right eyebrow. I've been told countless times throughout this past week how lucky I am. And that it could've been much worse. So I'll take it.

Last week, I thought about a lot of things. Some things were important; others were not. But that husband of mine. Oh, man. As if I couldn't like him or love him any more than I already do. Well, I do. It is possible. Also, I'm grateful for this beautiful thing called sleep. When you haven't been having it, having it is just yummy. I eased back into the work scene on Monday. Eyebrow and all. Thursday, we can do this.

image via Tarafirma


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