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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello. Hi. Hey. Hope you've had a great week. Mine has been busy, busy, and full of deadlines (and, if I'm honest, a bit of coconut ice cream!), but the weekend is in sight and I couldn't be a happier lady. I'm ready for date night, reading in bed, exploring, sea glass-hunting, and perhaps even farm-going. Here a few things making me happy lately. I'm convinced it's the little things. And, it seems, mostly Etsy things.

+  As a gem, mineral, and rock lover. I'm pretty much game for anything and everything. I think jewelry is in my blood. I've currently set my sights on this ethereal selenite crystal from JohnyRocks on Etsy. Not only beautiful and serene, but it apparently also helps one to discover their "inner truth." See, I need this. A game-changer.

+  I have always loved signs. Seriously, an embarrassing number of my photos include typography of some sort. It speaks to me. And so does this vintage, rustic metal sign. Right turn only. Got it.

+  I love kitties. Even when they're naughty. But this guy seems to gotten into some real bad stuff.

+  My love for mason jars know no bounds. And now, this: mason jar wrapping paper. Of course from Etsy. I'm doomed.

Greg Laswell's "Comes & Goes (In Waves)." I just can't get enough. And, he's married to my forever favorite, Ingrid Michaelson. What a pair. If they have kids, they will be bananas.

What are you loving lately? Happy weekend.

P.S. I've decided that this Spring Break business should be a mandatory holiday for everyone. Those school people are sure exclusive. Share the wealth, man!

image via Diana Keenan on Extragram


  1. You love burritos? I love burritos. I think we're soul mates.


  2. Love your beautiful blog :)

    <3 Sarah
    follow me I'll follow back!


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