Setting the Tone

Friday, January 11, 2013

You guys. The new year has just begun and I've already made a few of my aspirations a reality! I'm convinced, it's the small things! Cozy dinner party (oven-warmed olives, I'm hooked!), a combined birthday/New Year's Eve celebration, dancing, laughter to the point of shrieking(!), wearing a short, ruffly dress and taking my new lovelies out for a spin! As previously shared, I have a propensity for all things sparkly -- these heels were made for me! Good pick, husband! #feelingfancy 

How have you fared your first few days of 2013? How are you setting a tone? With oven-warmed olives and glittery heels, I hope!  

P.S. The girls didn't get the "blue" memo!


  1. Guys make these decisions on the golf course. What else are we going to do between shots!

  2. But of course!



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