At Last, 2013!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


There's no other way to say it -- 2012 was a CRAZY year! Like the wild, unrelenting, areyouserious, I-demand-a-do-over kind of year. For some, this past year was a dream-filled love-fest of all things good -- but for others, it was meh. Based on similar comments and feedback from family and friends, I take comfort and know that I am not alone. I'm seriously ready to leave 2012 in the dust and start anew in 2013. As always, with a new year comes those pesky resolutions. Many of which are doomed to fail, half-hazardly made, or completely abandoned after January. In an attempt to keep things in perspective, I prefer to think of them as goals, aspirations, or intentions, and try to keep them positive, light, and do-able. Yes, I aim (along with everyone else) to stay committed to my fitness and health regimens, but also have a few other hopes and dreams in mind to keep me inspired, motivated, and ultimately, happy.

//To laugh easily and often. To not be so serious. Write daily -- whether a paragraph or pages. Devour books that feed and inspire my soul -- and not waste time on those that don't. Discover new music that moves me both literally and figuratively. Savor the quiet moments. Be bolder with my style. Try new recipes. Take a photo a day (even if only from my phone). Stretch! Start working on select DIY projects from my ever-growing Pinterest boards. Have more kitchen dance parties. To finally find the perfect shade of red (okay, raspberry!) lipstick. And, oh yeah -- to be fearless.//

What are some of your aspirations for 2013? Do tell. I'm all ears. Plus, I think we hold ourselves more accountable when we share our hopes, dreams and fears(!) with others. Best to you and yours in this new year. I have a feeling great things are in store. And that good things do come to those who wait. Just throwing that in there. For good measure. Because I need it! Cheers!

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