This Is What You Came For

Saturday, October 1, 2016

This time of year proves to be a fun and busy season! Since our college years, we have affectionately termed August - February as our gauntlet. One thing after the other. But the good things! Birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays, concerts, birthdays, holidays, birthdays!  

Last weekend, we celebrated our anniversaries with a weekend away and north.  The weather was on its best, beautiful behavior and we explored, hiked, watched sunsets, and found a few moonstones for good measure.  The lovely pottery shop didn't hurt either -- tucked away in the tiniest town with a population of 18!    

We've been to two concerts in the past three weeks!  The first was with our favorite people, eating favorite food, in my favorite boots!  Foot stomping may have been involved!  Last night was with my favorite person, at our favorite venue, in our favorite city.  It was an unbelievable show -- my first live blues experience!  Weekend, you look real good.  We're beach bound.  Let's dance! 

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