Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I eternally love the fall season and, as a child, simply adored Halloween. I would start the costume brainstorm in June and would always change my concept at the last minute. Sure, costumes were fun, but I was really in it for the candy. And Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin. And pumpkin seeds. Unfortunately, with each passing day, those imaginative childhood days become farther and farther away. Somehow, I've become lukewarm about Halloween these past years. I cannot tell you the last time I dressed up for it! My husband isn't the biggest fan of the holiday, so I blame him! That and all my traumatic haunted house experiences. In all fairness, candy isn't a central driving force in my life anymore. Shocking, I know. And it is probably the very reason this holiday seems to pass me by each year.

In case you're wondering, the best time to get a parking spot at any college is Halloween night. As mentioned here, I am currently enrolled and completely loving my pilates/yoga/ballet fusion class. I'm taking it just for fun -- and it is! Despite my lack of overt Halloween cheer, there's one thing that must be done on Halloween. Thriller. And so we did. For those of you who need a refresher, see here. I'm still working on it. And plan to dance along with 13 Going on 30 soon. No matter what you're doing -- going out, staying in, dressing up, breaking up, or making up, be safe! And eat chocolate. Pumpkin seeds. Or both!

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