The Boys Are Back in Town

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Football's back! After years of denying it, I've finally come to terms with it. I'm a sports fan. While I do have a limit, I confess that some of my favorite times are spent enjoying a football or basketball game with my husband and kitties. Sometimes it gets all a bit too intense for me though. Like when there are 0.08 seconds to make a play to tie, win, or rule the world. It is all very make or break and stresses me out. Nothing is a sure thing. 

I played sports in my youth, but never really liked the pressure of making a play. What if I did the wrong thing? Or nothing at all? Maybe I take it way too personally. As a viewer, I sometimes even feel sick and then start worrying about players. I know -- worrying about guys who are so talented, so lucky to live their dream, and so rich! Even still, I want to know if they stay up at night knowing they aren't fan favorites. If they care about being booed. Or that they may be entering their "golden years" as an athlete. While it is just a game, it also isn't. It's someone's life and how they've defined themselves. It is an athletic community that we, as spectators, have included ourselves in. "We're going to be fine. We're making a comeback. We're going to win." I want everyone to be happy, and sometimes, when I'm watching two teams I like, I want both teams to win. I'm still trying to figure out a way for that to happen. No luck as of yet, but I will keep you posted. 

Who are you rooting for this season? Or are you already wishing for it to be over?

image via Cambridge Bears


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