Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello My Name Is - Retro Style Letterpress Graphic Design Nametags - Set of 30Hello, hello! Oh, little space, little place. We are going to be great friends. I just know it. Like all friendships, ours must be built upon honesty and trust. Let's jump right in...

I confess I’ve never been much of a journaler. While the whole idea is appealing to me, and I have tried during countless phases of my life, it just didn’t seem to stick. More often than not, I didn't feel like I had anything particularly juicy or scandalous to catalog or detail under lock and key. However, when the impulse to write strikes, I typically resort to scribbling random thoughts on old Whole Foods receipts and dilapidated yellow Post-its hidden deep within the messy depths that, unfortunately, is the permanent state of my purse. That hasn’t worked out too well. Especially because those little gems and musings are often lost within the said depths of the treacherous purse. Vicious cycle. So. Here I am, trying a new form of journaling – a collection of seemingly random little bits, pieces, thoughts and inspirations that have come to define and inspire my little slice of life in equally big and small ways. A living record of who I am, who I’ve been, and whom I long to become. Yikes. I’m equally nervous and excited about this new endeavor, and look forward to what it will bring.

Retro Style Letterpress Nametags via Three Steps Ahead on Etsy


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